Loliwe has a mix of specialists who collectively provide a comprehensive service that typically covers: technical advisory, turnkey professional services, turnkey contracting services, project management, quantity surveying, signalling and telecoms engineering. Our ability to link solutions to our clients’ needs in every unique and challenging project environment is what separates us from our many competitors. Collaborating with and managing teams of fellow industry professionals and specialist contractors is common on larger infrastructure projects, and Loliwe has the proven ability to efficiently do this to suit the specific requirements of the client given each contractual scenario.

Aside from the more direct rail engineering and contract management skills sets offered, Loliwe also draws from its wider pool of talent in assisting clients where projects have challenges in respect of statutory approvals such as environmental authorisations, rezonings, and illegal occupations all of which are not typically covered in engineering scopes of work, but are critical to risk mitigation. Further we have in the past, and will continue to assist in resolving the following aspects that unlock additional benefits from projects: wider linkages and collaboration with other modes of transport such as intermodal facilities, linkages and design optimisation with respect to commercial and other private sector uses that Government funded infrastructure aims to unlock.

Our clients trust us with their most challenging projects as they are condent that we will deliver their projects under any circumstances. It is not only our commitment to the delivery of infrastructure that has earned us the reputation as a worthy player within the rail industry, but it is also our willingness and ability to mobilise local communities and businesses into active participation on the projects that both garners growth in the areas touched by infrastructure development, as well as ensuring the projects become part of the lives of the communities.

Our success is reflected in the high profile projects applied to the following sectors:

• Transportation
• Freight and Logistics
• Power and Energy

Loliwe is conversant with all the major contractual forms and although we will provide advice to our clients on which form suits each project, we are able to manage projects using any of FIDIC, GCC, NEC, and JBCC.