Loliwe embraces a BEE philosophy that is business and value based rather than driven by legal imperatives. Our vision is to invest in people in South Africa and the African continent to ensure sustainable growth for the future. In keeping with this, our focus is on capacity building, training development and the forging of mutually beneficial partnerships. Some of our people-advancement initiatives include:

• Nyusa Project
• Silver Heights Secondary School
• COMPASS – Community Provision And Social Services
• SAICE Mobile Labs

We pride ourselves on our BBBEE Credentials and Achievements.

Loliwe is a majority black owned and managed Empowerment Company epitomizing the spirit of South Africa. Our BEE principles are integrated into the very fabric of the company and are evident at all levels. An organisation is only as strong as its component parts. To this end Loliwe has gathered experts and staff from all relevant disciplines in the industry.

We are also proud of our empowerment status and commitment to advancement and enhancement across the demographic spectrum of South Africa.